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Where's Simon Now?
published on 1/16/2013
Holiday Wishes This Holiday Season
published on 12/22/2012 by staff writer Mayla Chakmakchi
Cooking - Take Pride!
published on 12/6/2012 by staff writer Mayla Chakmakchi
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Happy Thanksgiving from Your Friends at
published on 11/19/2012 by staff writer Mayla Chakmakchi
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صام صام و فطر على جرّية
الحليم من غمزة والحمار من رفسة
تمخض الجبل أُو ولد فار
1/27/2015 12:00:02 PM

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IS hostage exchange demand a bid to sow dissent: analysts

A TV report about Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, held hostage by the Islamic State group, is seen during a broadcast in Tokyo on January 26, 2015The Islamic State group's demand that a jihadi on Jordan's death row be exchanged for a Japanese hostage is an attempt to chip away at the US-led coalition against extremism in the Middle East, analysts say. The militants, whose brutal rule stretches across swathes of Iraq and Syria, is hoping to sow dissent among Jordan, Japan and the United States by offering to spare the life of journalist Kenji Goto. Their price, they say, is freedom for Sajida al-Rishawi, a woman sentenced to death for her role in the bombing of three hotels in Amman in 2005 that killed 60 people, an event sometimes referred to as "Jordan's 9/11". For Tokyo, scarred by the apparent beheading last week of Goto's fellow captive, Haruna Yukawa, it appears to be an attractive offer.

On Auschwitz anniversary, leader warns Jews again targets

Holocaust survivors walk outside the gate of the of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, Poland, Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. Some 300 Holocaust survivors traveled to Auschwitz for the 70th anniversary of the death camp's liberation by the Soviet Red Army in 1945, down from 1,500 who attended the event 10 years ago.(AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)BRZEZINKA, Poland (AP) A Jewish leader stood before 300 survivors of the Nazis' most notorious death camp on Tuesday and asked world leaders to prevent another Auschwitz, warning of a rise of anti-Semitism that has made many Jews fearful of walking the streets, and is causing many to flee Europe.

Survivors return to Auschwitz as leaders warn of anti-Semitism

Survivors walk under the sign saying "Work makes you free" after paying tribute to fallen comrades at the former Auschwitz concentration camp in Oswiecim, Poland, on January 27, 2015Elderly Holocaust survivors returned to the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp Tuesday, 70 years after it was liberated, to bear witness to one of history's worst atrocities for what may be their last time - and urge the world never to forget. Around 300 survivors, some of them wearing scarves in the blue-and-white stripes of their camp uniforms, joined world leaders for an emotional memorial at the epicentre of the Nazi genocide of European Jews. The memorial at the austere camp, which was blanketed in snow, comes amidst growing concern over a resurgence in anti-Semitism in France, Germany and other parts of Europe. "We do not want our past to be our children's future," survivor Roman Kent, 86, said, his voice breaking with emotion.

1/27/2015 12:00:00 PM

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1/27/2015 12:00:01 PM

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Hi there, I am Nora86 and I am 19 years old
I am about 5' 06 tall and I weight around 140 lbs. (64kg)
I live in Iraq and my favorite food is
looking for - ...
Check out my profile, I would love to hear from you
1/27/2015 12:30:56 PM

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Hi there, I am Abraham Manuel and I am 37 years old
I am about 6' 03" (1.90m) tall and I weight around 200 lbs. (91kg)
I live in Iraq
looking for - Christian Girl, living in Baghdad, housekeeper, conservative, with proper height, with good looking, love her husband. ...
Check out my profile, I would love to hear from you
1/27/2015 12:30:56 PM

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